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5 Tips to Help You Save This Holiday Season

If you want to survive the holiday season without going bankrupt, it will take a lot of planning! These websites will help you earn cash back on things you already buy, and some will even let you buy discounted gift cards to help you stack your savings even more. What tips do you follow each year to help you stay in budget while keeping everyone happy?

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Brian Tracy Inspirational Article of the Month:

7 Point Formula for Wealth, Happiness, and Financial Freedom

Can money really make you happy? It may not be everything, but it definitelycan provide a sense of security and relieve stress. These 7 steps will help you understand why financial security is important and how it can be achieved. With just a few simple steps and a lot of hard work you can set your family up for a bright future!

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Interesting Articles and Photos of the Month:
12 Ways Students can Battle Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has become an increasingly big problem over the last few years. Technology has made it easier for everyone to stay in touch, but it has also made it easier for people to speak their minds anonymously. While this can help people who are generally more on the shy side find their voice, it can also lead to malicious people bullying others online. Find out how your kids can become heroes and protect others from online abuse.

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New Year's Resolutions - Making Breaking Them

2017 is almost here, can you believe it? Each year we make resolutions that we will most likely end up breaking within 3 months. This guide will help you set realistic expectations for yourself so you don't end up disappointed in yourself. Start thinking about your resolutions early so you can really choose ones that will help you in all aspects of life you feel need a little improvement.

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Winter Road Safety: Build an Emergency Car Kit

Winter weather is here in many parts of the country and that means icy, unsafe roads! Would you be prepared for an emergency if you got stranded in the cold during a road trip? Whether you'll be stuck for 2 hours waiting for a tow truck or overnight waiting for cars to come by to help, this infographic will help you prepare for any winter emergency! From extra layers of clothes to keep you warm to using your floor mats to get you out of a snow ditch, this guide has it all!

Click here to read the full article by Mother Nature Network

7 Home Filters you Probably Didn't Know Should be Changed

We all know that air filters and oil filters need to be changed on our cars, but when was the last time you changed your furnace filter? These 7 items that you probably don't put much thought into need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to keep your family healthy. Find out why it's important to keep an eye on these filters and change them on a regular basis.

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Videos of the Month:

27 Winter Holiday Tradition Origins

From Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer to the Minora, have you ever wondered where a lot of our holiday traditions come from? You may or may not be surprised that many come from marketing campaigns. Entertain everyone at your next holiday party with these interesting facts they probably don't know!

Click here to watch the video by Mental Floss

Americans Will Buy Anything! Top 10 Worst Infomercials

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had a fold up chair in your pocket? Ever wish for a toy parrot that will repeat everything you say? These 10 infomercial products are useless but make for some pretty entertaining videos. Share this on social media to show your friends and family just how ridiculous some of these ideas are!

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13 Hidden Secrets you Don't Know in Everyday Things

Have you ever noticed that the King of Hearts on a deck of cards is the only King that is beardless? How about the numbers on the bottom of beauty products? Find out the other 11 secrets you probably haven't noticed in things that you encounter every day. What other secrets have you discovered in the world around you?

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 Delicious Recipe of the Month:

Eggnog French Toast

This yummy recipe is the perfect dish for Christmas morning or any other day you have extra egg nog to use! With just a few simple ingredients you can take an ordinary, everyday dish like French toast and make it elegant and even more delicious! Feel free to add your own ingredients to make this dish your own!     

Click here for the full recipe from Everyday Gourmet with Blakely
Dumb Criminal of the Month:

Dumb Criminal Leaves Behind Business Cards While Shoplifting

If you are planning on shoplifting from a store, it's probably not a good idea to hit on the clerk and leave your business card behind. It doesn't stop there! Find out what else this dumb criminal did to blow his cover and get himself caught red handed! He probably could have benefited from a few lessons in common sense while he was in school!

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